Thanks to AK fitness, My trainer who is an excellent gentleman has built me into becoming a lazy non motivated client to a dedicated “always about the mindset”, “let’s get it fam” client, and person all over! Quotation marks above are for my trainers main mottos. I am always provided really great training programs to follow through and keep me motivated to work werk werk it. I have discovered new exercises that don’t essentially need a machine, but where I will be the machine and create my own power (muscles)in the exercises I’m provided.


I've been working with Amadu over the past month . after suffering from lower back pain from work he guided me carefully. today I can perform daily tasks with no further pain . highly professional and knowledgeable.  


Training with Army was really inspiring to me. He helped me reach my potential by encouraging and motivating me every day that we trained. He was always with a smiled on his face and he was always sharing positive stories while we trained. I really miss my training sessions with Army.


My husband and I have been working out with Amadu since March. Amadu is more than just a personal trainer, he is our coach, mentor and friend. He genuinely cares about our fitness and makes us work to our highest level - I’m sometimes amazed at what he manages to pull out of us!!! What I love most about Amadu is that he is genuine and honest and he is always ready for a chuckle - working out is fun with Amadu because he understands where we are at and how to get us to where we want to be! I can’t speak more highly of Amadu!

Peter & Manuela

I had excellent results and would recommend Amadu.he is very professional. He challenges you so you can achieve your full potential and he also motivates you.


What an inspiration! Armi has a consistently positive outlook on life and after PT-ing with him I’ve never felt stronger and more in tune with my body than I do now. Admittedly I am not at an advanced training level but you wouldn’t know it. So much encouragement and positive reinforcement each training session. Armi has helped me smash my goals of a better health/work/fitness/life balance not to mention kept my sanity during this lockdown #covid19 Very impressive and highly recommended!


Training with Armi has turned my life around, and for the better! Armi tailored an exercise program to patiently repair, rejuvenate and build my fitness, body and strength... always with professionalism, humour, interest and care. In the process I have had a lot of fun, improved my state of mind, lost 17kg and gained an important amount of health, happiness and confidence. My experiences, guided and coached by Armi have also served to encourage and inspire several others, who figured,... if Warwick can do it, they could too... and they have, which is amazing. Thanks Armi - you are a star!


Training with Amadu has been one of the best recommendations I’ve ever received Before starting my weight loss journey I was someone that was very discouraged and unmotivated when it came to weight loss and changing to a healthier lifestyle. when I started working with Amadu my life completely changed from the first consultation , I walked out of the consultation being confident, motivated and committed to my journey . After weeks of training with Amadu I started to notice excellent progress within myself. I’ve never met anyone that is so dedicated and focused in ensuring that he’s client achieve the best of their abilities .  


Absolutely amazing. I am achieving things I never thought I could. There’s no price you can put on health and well-being. Amadu is worth every cent. So respectful and humble. The motivation you will receive will be life changing .


Amadu made me fall in love with working out and I was able to see results in my STRENGTH and SIZE within a couple of weeks! I never suffered any post workout pain which was amazing!!! Definitely recommend him! Also extremely fun guy and very professional!